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            Promotion 115g 128g c2s art paper/glossy size 700*1000
            Office Paper
            Copy paper
            Color paper
            Thermal paper
            Carbonless paper(NCR)
            Printing Paper
            Wet strenght paper
            C2S art paper glossy/matt
            Offset paper
            Light weight coated paper/LWC
            Self Adhesive Sticker Paper
            Packing Paper
            White top testliner board
            PE Coated Cupstock paper
            C1S Ivory board/FBB
            C2S Art board
            Duplex board with white back
            Duplex board with grey back
            Grey board (Single/Double side)
            Tissue Paper
            Hand Towel
            Facial Tissue
            Napkin paper
            Toilet Tissue
            Kitchen towel
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                Golden Paper Company Limited is  established with headquarter in Hong Kong which is an international trading, financing and shipping center.The business of Golden Paper Company Limited covers pulp,paper and paper product.The Golden Paper (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. and the Qingdao Golden paper Co.,Ltd. specialize in paper industry.

                After more than ten years of market tempered, resource integration, standardized operation, brand management,Golden Paper has become a well-known enterprises group in China,which has integrated comprehensive function with R&D,production and trading of both paper&paper pulp.Golden Paper follows the national industry development strategy, sticks to the concept of environment protection,adheres to traditional civilization, integrates the resources of domestic & International market, efficiently manages the markets and customers, and try to supply the one stop service for both pulp & paper in the global field of manufacture trading and service.

                Golden Paper mainly offer the copy paper,offset paper,art paper,ivory board,carbonless paper,color paper and LWC paper .Golden Paper in Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou,Jinan,Wuhan,Nanjing and other capital cities had set up a sales office,and established an extensive marketing network and sales channel. For international business,Golden Paper closely works with Hong Kong headquarter,handling the details of pulp importing and paper exporting.

                Golden Paper have successfully access to many markets over the world.Bolivia,Peru,Colombia,Haiti,etc in South and Middle America.Russia,Macedonia,Portugal,etc in Europe.Tanzania,Nigeria,Cameroon,etc in Africa.Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,Dubai,etc in Middle East.Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Thailand,etc,in Middle and South Asia.Also services many big brand customers such as METRO,WAL-MART K-MART,ES-POWER and other large customers and distributors in many parts of the end supermarkets and printing factories in the world.
            Copyright 2017 Golden Paper (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved E-mail
            Tel: 00862158647533 Fax: 00862158640211
            Address: Building 2,No. 289, Zheqiao Road,Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201206, China Powered by Chisiho.com