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            Light weight coated paper/LWC
            Product Name:Light weight coated paper/LWC
            Category:Printing Paper
            Product Introduction

            Product: Light Weight Coated Paper /LWC
            Material: 100% virgin pulp
            Size: 787mm, 850mm, 880m etc.And customized size.
            Base Weight: 48G/50G/51G/54G/58G/60G/64G/70G/80G
            Whiteness: 90%-96%
            Packing: PE film wrapped, baled on strong wooden pallets.
            Load Qty: 18-20 tons per 20FT;  25 tons per 40FT
            Key performance:
            1. Good Smoothness, good bulking
            2. High printing gloss, no print through
            3. Bright-colored, distinct image

            Suitable for printing high-grade magazine, advertisement pictures, artistic pictures, products catalogs, etc.

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