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            C2S art paper glossy/matt
            Product Name:C2S art paper glossy/matt
            Category:Printing Paper
            Product Introduction

            Product: GLOSSY/MATT C2S ART PAPER / ART BOARD

            Material: 100% virgin pulp
            Size: 889*1194, 787*1092, 880*730, 700*1000 or width >600mm in reel size. And customized size
            Base Weight: 80gsm, 90gsm, 105gsm, 115gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm 250gsm,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm
            Whiteness: Glossy: 70±2%    Matte: 20-28% Packing: PE film wrapped, 4 angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets
            Load Qty: 18-20 tons per 20FT;  25 tons per 40FT

            Key performance:

            1. 100% virgin pulp, High printing gloss, Smooth printing surface
            2. High brightness and gloss, Excellent brightness and smoothness, Good runnability
            3. Competitive stiffness and caliper, True color reproduction


            Printing Magazine, Book, Catalogue, Poster, Annual report, Calendar, Brochure, Advertising post card, Certificate etc.

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